Friday, 7 September 2012


I'm finding it hard at the moment to remind myself to be positive about anything that isn't knitting related. My health is dire and i failed miserably to do my part in order to get a full ct done. (insert angry miserable sobbing) It has left mewondering if this is how my life will be from now on. Basically i take a lot of medication so i can eat after my bowel shut down on CHRISTMAS DAY last year. I lost 2 stone (28lb's) in about two weeks because i could only drink before 8am ish and couldn't eat a thing. I got so ill that my GP will only do home visits so i don't catch anything that i'm not strong enough to fight off. After several (let's say over 30) hopital visits and tests, they still don't know what's wrong. GRRRR. I'm now living on gluten, dairy and wheat free crumpets with margarine and golden syrup and every other morning my dear Dave is up before me cooking me a pear sponge cake to also eat with golden syrup. I have tea with soya milk and sugar and that's all i eat or drink. Those who know me, know this is torture as i love roast dinners and lasagne and fruit crumble etc. One day they'll fix me and i will be able to start eating proper food again.

I'm currently knitting a huge number of projects, two are prayer / healing shawls for two different friends. One has M.E and the other has had cancer. I can't offer to help with their chores or play with their children because i can't do that for myself. What i can do though is to knit a shawl to show how much they are loved and that they are being prayed for a full recovery into every stitch. It doesn't matter to me if they're Christian like me or not. I believe enough for us all.

I've completed Kimberlys OMG Ponies hat and it's just beautiful, LOOK!!!!!!

I've also only got to get enough yarn for another 3 projects and apart from time or a swarm of moths i am set for knitting this years presents.

As i'm losing my hair rapidly at the moment (40% over last 3 weeks) i invested in a set of 40cm circular addi premium needles to rapidly knit myself a selection of hats, I'm not a wig person. I made up a hat i'm very proud of and called it Autumn Assembly in my Revelry rojects.
I also yesterday bought the Chiaogoo hand painted flower 9" needle set purely because i've been longing for them since i first saw them advertised in Vogue Knitting 3 years ago.
One day i'll own some Signature needles too.

On a very happy note, my friend is pregnant so i can start the baby blanket for her too, but that will be a sideline project she's still a long way off yet.

So the only things left to do this evening is to do this evening are finish my necklace, do another shell for one shawl and a repeat on the other whilst watching a good film.
Night all, Elspeth x

P.S more on the books soon.