Thursday, 20 September 2012

Affirmation that I'm a knitter !!!

So today is thursday 20th September 2012 and it's our 10th wedding anniversary, yey us!!!

My darling Dave ordered me some Signature needles, size 4mm, twist end, stilleto tip. However, Signature are re doing the 4mm needles across their range so they were delayed and didn't arrive in time for today. Disapointed but still very excited that he knows quality stuff.
My ChiaoGoo Blue flower set did come today however. They're so pretty, see...

I've been good and not bought these until now but i couldn't resist any longer. The set has 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm & 6mm 23cm single pointed needles. Great for all the smaller projects i want to do. Or the projects in a solid colour so i'll constantly get flashes of blue flowers showing through as if to say hello and make me smile.

The 18th was my mother in laws birthday, and as she is a Harry Potter fan, I decided to make her the Mandrake from the film. She loved it and it's sat in a plant pot by her fireplace.

I also got another new knitting pattern book through today, it's called 'Fairy Tale Knits' by Alison Stewart-Guinee. I love this book to pieces. All the patterns in it are very cute and i'm going to struggle not to want to knit all the girls items for my two younger daughters. I did promise Niamh my youngest that i'd knit her the 'Snow Queen' coat. So i shall, she's 3.5years old so i have a while to keep my promise before she's too big for it.

I'm getting into knitting shawls at the moment too, a friend of ours is rather ill so i made her a healing/prayer shawl in her favourite colours and it's inspired me to make more, so i made another one for another friend who's also very ill and she loved it. the second one took just under two weeks around other projects and was a suprise for her. I won't name names but she really liked it. As do I.
Ok so, I've started listening to Podcasts again recently.
2 Knit Lit Chicks, this is just brilliant, they are a mother and daughter who talk about Knit alongs, their current knitting projects, charity projects, books they're reading or listening to and other interesting stuff not always related to knitting either. I love it as it's great to see what they're doing on Ravelry and sample the books on audible. Barb and Tracie are brilliant. I'm doing their gradiant colour shawl KAL. More on that next time.
Knitting Brooklyn, this lady is so good to listen to. Not just because what she talks about is fascinating, like sheep breeding for different fibre types and what she's working on, but her voice is so soothing that on days like today when my health is dreadful, I just listen to her show and feel good about sharing knitting with her. Jessica I sense is someone who really helps people whose lives cross with hers just by being herself.
Robinznest, I started listening to this after i heard about it through the  Knit Lit Chicks podcast. Robin is very endearing and i wish i knew her because she is so positive about everything in her life. From the animals on her farm, to how much she loves her grandkids to the projects she's working on.
I'm enjoying listening and can'twait to see where her journey takes us.
Well i hope you all have a lovely week and i'll blog again soon with what i've been creating and what inspired me.
Take care