Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tuesdays and my adventurous cat.

Today I spun more pale blue merino on my beautiful drop spindle. I now have spun 50g of the 100g. It is super fine for me to have achieved. Mostly a fine to medium laceweight. I'm not sure whether to keep it as a single or when I have spun the second 50g to two ply it, or even 3 ply with some pearl lurex  and dark blue irridescent beads. I love the idea of using beads. I love adding beads and sparkle where I can.
I am still spinning the pink/purple for Niamhs dress. I have now finished spinning the contrast yarns for her Playful Stripes cardigan by Alana Dakos. Niamh is cuffed to bits.
As far as knitting since friday, well I've started to knit on my Noro cardigan again. The pattern is just labelled as Gorgeous Garnet from Knit Today magazine #28 May 2008. Not on Ravelry. Its nice and long. I finished the back this morning ans then cast on and worked about 3 inches of the left front. The yarn is Noro Aya and it is lovely. I find cotton hard on my hands which is probably why this very simple piece isn't finished yet. Spring has finally arrived and it was lovely and sunny today so I'm going to need a cardigan soon.
Confession time. I worked out this morning that I am rotating 19 knitting projects at the moment. 10 of them are for other people without a due date. I also have a large box full of hibernating projects like items I didn't finish by christmas or I fell out of love with. Nothing wrong with any of them I just got itch needles and they got put aside. The baby cardigan I'm knitting for our friends now has arms and the body worked top down is half done. Very cute. He will look adorable in it I'm sure.
My spinning wheel is getting a make over this week. I'm staining it a rosewood colour, then waxing it with pure beeswax. It is an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel that I bought second hand. It was neglected and I did a lot to get it in a usable condition. It has however faded and looks very sorry for itself so it needs finishing properly.
Until next time take care of those you love. Elspeth x

Friday, 12 April 2013

Been delayed by life

So, I've not blogger for quite a while now I know. Sorry everyone, life just seems to have gotten in the way. Lots after good things and some bad too. In brief, I have been crazy knitting on both old ufos and current whips. I've finished a few projects and started a lot more oops!!! I have got both startitus and finish-it syndromes at once. Very discombobulating. I've joined yarn clubs and I'm on a fibre club waiting list. My sewing has slowed down to um sitting in my sewing cupboard hoping each day I will make something ha ha.
My health went right up and has since come back down a few steps too. Gah!!!
I have learnt to spin on a top whorl drop spindle and a spinning wheel. I also seem to have breed fibre. I love spinning and then knitting with the yarn I have spun. It feels very satisfying and slightly clever of me. I'm sure you all have had that feeling when you're trying a new skill and it suddenly clicks and you give yourself a pat on the back. Ditto with the spinning.
We had a nice Easter and my daughters go back to school on Monday after a very long two weeks off.
Today however, my youngest is at the beach with some friends and I am about to cast on Laura Nelkins Juego mystery kal. Have a great day everyone and I'll post lots of catch up photos soon.
Elspeth x