Friday, 15 April 2016

It's so good to be back...

Good morning everyone,
I am so happy to be back blogging again as I can show you all more of what I'm doing each day etc.
I decided to start my blog again as its been two years since I last blogged and a lot has happened and changed in that time.
So firstly, we moved house back in the middle of December last year and immediately I saw an improvement in my health which has enabled me to do so much more again and I feel more human again.

My taste in podcasts has changed quite dramatically so I have changed the links in the side bar on the right to hopefully reflect these changes.
I am doing a lot more sewing now than I used to do. I always sewed before but now I make not only small project bags for the shop but also clothes for myself and my daughters and teaching them to sew too, which is very rewarding.
I am still doing my cross stitch occasionally but keep hitting the "run out of thread" brick wall that always slows projects down. I have put in an order for the threads I need to continue though so I'll be able to show you guys an update soon on those.
I have decided to start embroidery again and can't wait to get started.
However, there are only so many hours in a day to be creative so I need to set some time aside over the weekend to have a go.
As far as my spinning is concerned, well its been slow but steady. I spin every week but I don't have much to show for it I'm afraid. Although my latest spinning resulted in a beautiful yarn of lace weight. I managed to Navajo ply and achieved 809 yards which to me is phenomenal!!!

It will be knitted into something worthy just as soon as I've finished a few more of my knitting projects.
Speaking of knitting, I don't have as many on the needles as I used to years ago. I still have at least ten projects but I do work on them all I promise you.
Plus I have been beavering way on my designing and written quite a few patterns that i intend to publish this year. The first one being on the last day in April. So Saturday 30th April will be a sock pattern which I also recorded YouTube tutorial for as I developed a new stitch. I think!!
So until my next bog post which I will share more of my sewing and knitting, I will leave you with some kind thoughts.
Always create something that gives you joy. Whether its the colour, visual appeal or technique you use. Make it and revel in the happiness it brings you.