Saturday, 25 August 2012


Hi there,
My health today is really bad so we'll leaveit at that!

For w hile now i've been thinking about writing a book, with anecdotes, stories and knitting patterns. I know how many patterns I want to include and how many pieces of writing or essays.
My head is spinng with so many ideas that if I don't write them all down i'll forget them and regret it always. So i've started that today too.

 For friends and Godparents to my daughters this year, my daughters have decided to make a story book. They've written the story and have been doing test photos. The idea is that they'll draw the chacters they want to use in their story and i then knit or sew the characters for them. (challenging!!!) They then position the characters for each scene and take a picture, these will then be edited by them on the computer for facial expressions etc. They will then combine the pictures and story to make a book which I said I would pay to get printed for them as peoples Christmas gifts. All very exciting and very pleasingly creative on their part. Proud mummy moment indeed.

I only have to find one more pattern for Christmas gifts. I have all the patterns (36 i think) labelled up in a plastic sleeve folder with the yarn type being used for each gift, I find it soothing knowing i can just flip through and see all the gifts waiting to be knitted or have started knitting already. It gives me a sense of being organised in one area while my health is so appalling. Some are amazing fun projects like a fairy i'm knitting for my youngest daughter Niamh in white and a green version for her best friend. Then the large projects like a simple jumper for Dave, to a secret project i've designed for him aswell. It will totally rock his inner geek and having shown his friends the design, withtheir approval i just need 2 colours left to purchase and it's a green light. Some of the patterns are ones that I've designed from scratch and will eventually either put in my book or sell on Ravelry. (once i know how)

Having completed Niamhs Fluffy jumper (one of my patterns) and Keiras King Cole Galaxy Bolero, I figured i should complete something for my eldest daughter Kimberly. So I'm doing her vest top. My own pattern (very simple) but using Rico Design Creative Micro DK.

 I've done the back and I'm halfway up the front. I reckon it should be done by monday if i don't get distracted by one of my other ongoing multiple projects. Which as any other knitter reading this knows, it will be a great feat if i resist.

I also have to start knitting baby things after Christmas because a mum we know is expecting her second child and i feel every baby should have at least one hand knitted piece as a show of love and well wishing for their future shown by the time it takes to make instead of buy.
Back soon x

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Festive Miniatures !!!!!!

So, today I decided i would bite the bullet and post my first pattern on to see if people like what i can do. This is the pattern:

Festive Miniatures !!!!!!!!!!

Materials needed:
1.25mm - 2mm needles,
Embroidery thread / silk/ floss,
Seed beads ( Optional)

Note: You'll only need between 2 and 3 m for each piece.
So very economical decoations.
You can easily find a tutorial online to show you how to knit with beads, or you can simply sew them on afterwards. I do both plain and beaded variations.

K knit
P purl
kfb knit into front and back of stitch
pfb purl into front and back of stitch
K2togtbl knit 2 together through back of stitch
K2tog knit 2 sts together
P2tog purl 2 sts together


Cast on 12 stitches using the knit on method,
Work in K1,P1 rib for 7 rows,
Work in stocking stitch for 4 rows,
Next 4 rows: kfb in 1st and last st. 20 sts.
Knit 1 row,
Next row: pfb into 1st and last st. 22 sts.
Work in stocking stitch for 4 rows,
Next row: K2togtbl, knit to last 2 sts, K2tog.
Next row: P2tog, purl to last 2 sts, P2tog.
Cast off.
Weave in ends.
Fold piece in half and join the seam.

So.......Thursday 23rd August 2012

There's so much to fill in.

My Health is worse and still no diagnoses is in sight, I must admit i've become very despondant and close to breaking point, everything seems to make me break down and sob uncontroloably and my panics have been getting more frequant again, having had various unpleasant procedures I expected at least a hint of what is going wrong inside my body. At present i am having golden syrup on gluten free crumpets and gluten free pear sponge cake five times a day for calories. Plus it seems it's all my body will accept. sounds great for anyone with a sweet tooth but i want to be able to eat a roast or lasagne again only my body won't let me. I'm so angry at my body for whatever is going wrong. I've now also lost about 60% of my hair, again no one will even look into it. I have however on this stupid diet managed to get back some weight and i'm now 6st11.75oz. Just another stone to go......hmmmmm!!!!!

Ok so knitting update, been doing a ton of it, but also for a while i couldn't face any of it, it just became to much to handle mentally and emotionally. I kept looking at the project in my hand thinking "is there any point because i might be dead before i see it worn or too ill again to hold the needles to finish the knit object" organised Christmas knitting list too. I've designed my hubby a really cool jumper for Christmas which totally rocks and will satisfy the geek in him hugely.

I went to Heavenly Yarns on friday and bought some teal/ dark turquoise King Cole Galaxy after Keira my middle daughter held it up and said how pretty it was. I just saw how beautiful it made her eyes look and was sold. So I bought a pattern and yesterday i'd completed this..
Isn't she beautiful xxx
I also finished Niamhs lilac fluffy jumper i started a couple of weeks ago...
As you can see she loves it.

I've got loads more projects on the go, but these to are my most recently completed.
I am knitting all day other than the daily living essentials like eating and taking my meds, it is pretty much all i can do and although it is fun it is also a challenge and keeps my brain going too.
More soon xxx