Thursday, 23 August 2012

So.......Thursday 23rd August 2012

There's so much to fill in.

My Health is worse and still no diagnoses is in sight, I must admit i've become very despondant and close to breaking point, everything seems to make me break down and sob uncontroloably and my panics have been getting more frequant again, having had various unpleasant procedures I expected at least a hint of what is going wrong inside my body. At present i am having golden syrup on gluten free crumpets and gluten free pear sponge cake five times a day for calories. Plus it seems it's all my body will accept. sounds great for anyone with a sweet tooth but i want to be able to eat a roast or lasagne again only my body won't let me. I'm so angry at my body for whatever is going wrong. I've now also lost about 60% of my hair, again no one will even look into it. I have however on this stupid diet managed to get back some weight and i'm now 6st11.75oz. Just another stone to go......hmmmmm!!!!!

Ok so knitting update, been doing a ton of it, but also for a while i couldn't face any of it, it just became to much to handle mentally and emotionally. I kept looking at the project in my hand thinking "is there any point because i might be dead before i see it worn or too ill again to hold the needles to finish the knit object" organised Christmas knitting list too. I've designed my hubby a really cool jumper for Christmas which totally rocks and will satisfy the geek in him hugely.

I went to Heavenly Yarns on friday and bought some teal/ dark turquoise King Cole Galaxy after Keira my middle daughter held it up and said how pretty it was. I just saw how beautiful it made her eyes look and was sold. So I bought a pattern and yesterday i'd completed this..
Isn't she beautiful xxx
I also finished Niamhs lilac fluffy jumper i started a couple of weeks ago...
As you can see she loves it.

I've got loads more projects on the go, but these to are my most recently completed.
I am knitting all day other than the daily living essentials like eating and taking my meds, it is pretty much all i can do and although it is fun it is also a challenge and keeps my brain going too.
More soon xxx