Sunday, 20 April 2014

While I've been awol....

Hi everyone, Happy Easter to you all.
So I am going to fill you in on what's been happening here over the last little while that I've been absent from recording the video podcast.
As you know by now, I have had Vertigo for about 6 weeks. It is getting gradually milder, however, I do still get spells of it being full on and it's no fun believe me. That is on top of all my pre-existing conditions such as Fibromyalgia etc.
So here we go...
I finished my pink after thought heel socks by Laura Linnemann.

There has been progress on the blue socks too although not much.
I been knitting on Guston, for Dave for the #AMJKAL with Kristin who is Voolenvine host of the Yarngasm podcast. The kal is running from March 22nd until May 16th, so cast on, you may still have time to knit a knitworthy man in your life a jumper or sweater.
I have started and finished The Age of Brass and Steam Shawl, the yarn was some BFL handspun I bought from On the round. Rachel's shop is on Etsy. Go there and get enabled.

I have started a couple of new projects too, firstly I started a baby cardigan by Alana Dakos.

I have also started another cardigan for myself. Bare Branches by Alana Dakos from her second book, Botanical Knits 2, which I will be reviewing on Wednesday along with a digital copy to give away. Very kindly offered to one of you by Alana Dakos.

I have been busy on a new crochet project too, I know me and crochet, shock horror, here have a chair to sit down and recover for a second, ha. I've started a Granny square blanket for Kimberly. Not lots of little ones, but rather one giant one that I'm aiming to make big enough for her bed. I am using James C Brett Moonlight Sonata and it is really pretty, however, as nervous as I was about such a large piece, Kim loves it and it constantly thanking me and hugging me for my efforts.
My Moomin will get done soon though don't worry. I want the cuteness that is all things Moomin.

Ok so Spinning, it is getting lots of attention, I've been clearing some of my drop spindles ready to continue, also I have been spinning the prize choice for Bibite. It is very nearly done now, it is just resting before I ply it. As requested, very soon a skein of fingering weight hand spun will be flying off to live with her. I am very pleased with it too.

Now I did hint on the last episode that I was getting a new toy. Well I am now the very happy owner of the Ashford E-Spinner. Ahhh, I know, a month early for my birthday, but hey I am not going to complain that they had one in stock so it didn't mean waiting for it to be imported. Cause that would be daft. So I have done the rest of the original Sea Goddess Batt. The browns that were the last two colours. I like it a lot. So I have transferred the blue jeans and lipstick organic merino from fondant fibre that MaggieTN so very kindly gifted me onto it. I almost forgot the direction twist and once I got my head together it has been worked on some more. It is going so well I don't want to jinx myself by talking about it too much. it means on my less than great days I can still spin and make yummy yarn to knit with, without the pain or exhaustion that I sometimes get using my Ashford Traditional Wheel or any of my drop spindles.

My cross stitch for Niamh had a little more done. The outline for all the mane has now been completed, so next is the body outline.

Now something else that's new.....Tunisian Crochet. A friend sent some goodies for every one of us here in the Campbell household. Thank you very much Cazzynono. I will let Keira talk about hers on her show tomorrow and Dave will talk about his next time he records with me. Kimberly received two books, some yarn and a complete set of Tunisian Crochet hooks.!!!! She is, you'll excuse the expression, hooked. She will sit next to me and just start working on it. It is so lovely that she finally has a yarny craft she has clicked with. It has meant though that I have has meant I have had to join in the fun and learn a little so I can help if she gets stuck. She is good, no honestly, Kim has just clicked with it and I see it staying in her life for a very long time. Now Niamh was given some yarn and needles, she immediately cuddled them and chose to start with the purple yarn. I will show you soon what I received, so so cute.

I have dyed some yarn for a shawl by Boo knits since you've seen me which I will endeavour to show you soon too.
I have finally made the punis for the shop too. I have been having an Easter sale in my Etsy shop for the last two weeks trying to clear space for the more summery yarns and fibre I want to dye up. So until the 15th May (the day before my birthday)
There is 15% of everything in my shop here:

Nails this week are especially for Easter:

Have a lovely week every one and I will be back on your screens this coming week. Along with Keiras Second episode. Take care and look after yourselves and each other cause you are important.
Elly x

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Episode 36: Vertigo, please, just do one!!!

Welcome back to this weeks episode.
Prize winners pm me or Dave on ravelry.

no fo's
pink socks ~ after thought heel socks by laura linemann
gilded cardi ~
blue socks ~ top down after thought heel socks
so yarns are both made by
guston frogged
handspun: forest
. Into The Whirled fibre ~
. sea goddess. by enchanted knoll ~
Moomin head ~ pattern is written by
electric eel ~ available at
jumbo bobbin ~
reflector ~
shop: punis ~