Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Be Yourself, Knit Ewenique, Keiras Pilot Episode

Hi everyone as promised here is Keiras first episode.

Her yarn for her birthday was from www.yourmomknits.com
The finished spinning was a sample from www.fondantfibre.com is was polworth, silk & linen
The fibre and spindle set was from www.etsy.com
Her yarn for her Chinook was from www.penguin-soup.ca
The dishcloth pattern was written by Deb Buckingham and it is available on Ravelry or from Cooperative Press.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Episode 33: The Unicorn in the room

Hi everyone and welcome back, this week was recorded on Friday 7th March 2014, is another one with Dave, Knittmonkey on Ravelry, and Joey my puppy. It is the Dave birthday show people!!!

FO's: Dave Unicorn Cowl, designed by Ruby Knits, using bulky and chunky yarns.

Wips: Perceptions hat, photo coming soon on here, pattern needs test knitters please!
Norwegian Blue Socks, basic top down after though heel socks on 2.5mm 8" addi circulars.
No vivid squares this week, I've taken the week off!
Daves: Gilded Cardigan. Using Cascade Dolce on 3.75mm circulars.

Any mans sweater kal: Guston sweater using cardinal red.

Spinning: I've not done any spinning on my wheel,
Grenadillo drop spindle: Obligatory Box of chocolates, 2nd tribble.
Blue Delphinium and Forget-me-not spindle: Blue jeans and lipstick ~ fondant fibre, organic merino 100g, it was a surprise gift from my friend Flo who is MaggieTN on ravelry.

Cross stitch: none this week, Dave is starting his this week.

Purchases and Deliveries:
Lucid, from www.voolenvine.com
Rowan Wool Worsted in Grasshopper.
Knitter's Magazine from xrx publishing.
Dave bought Karbonz to swap for my symfonie tips.
I was gifted the Wispy Cardigan by Cazzynono which I will be starting soon.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Episode 32: Forgetful????? Yes!!!!

Hi everyone and welcome back to this weeks episode Sunday 3rd March 2014,
I'm Elspeth 81 on Ravelry, the group is called Ellys Knit (in') Sanity) as you will see I completely forgot I recorded last week with Keira,
The prize drawing video is up first then below is the main episode.

FO's: 50% of my Vivid blanket squares have now been finished. I have made 18 in five different yarn colour, all of them are made by www.fivemoons.co.uk my blanket will be 5 x 7 squares so it'll be lap sized.
Wips: Several projects on the go this week,
*Pink after thought heel socks, being knitted magic loop on 2.25mm socks, pattern by Laura Linneman
*Norweigan Blue socks, also with an after though heel but this time on 2.5mm 8" addi circular needle.
*Wild shawl, using Regia hand dyed effect yarn on 3mm needles.
*Perceptions hat, my design, for Keiras friends birthday gift. Yarn is from Natural Dye Studio, Phoenix base.
*SHHHHH secret project, ask rosebob on ravelry if you must.

Next Up:
Kristin, (Voolenvine on Ravelry) who is hostess of the YarnGasm Podcast and I are doing a joint mans sweater Kal, running from Saturday 22nd March to Saturday 3rd May. Any mans sweater is ok, time to knit for the men in our lives, there are prizes up for grabs for completed projects, Kristin is offering two of her beautiful skeins of yarn and I'm offering a skein of my yarn and a project bag. So four prizes, yummy.
*I will be knitting Guston for Dave as I owe him a jumper as the last one never got finished then frogged. It is going to be Cardinal red and lovely on him as he has brown eyes with red flecks on his iris, rare eye colour indeed so he can certainly wear most shades of red as you will see.
Thread for the Kal is in the YarnGasm Group on Ravelry HERE

*I've plyed the Dove Dale Sample from www.fondantfibre.com which is 60% polworth, 20% linen, 20% silk. from one rolag which weighed 6grams I got 27.5 yards of an end to end two ply on one of my drop spindles. I love it and have placed the pre-order for keira and I both for rolags. Keiras are being dyed ballet pink especially for her because Deb knows how super girly Keira is and how great she is at ballet.
*On another one of my drop spindles I have spun the first of my Tribbles from the Obligatory Box of Chocolates Dave bought for me from www.gourmetstash.com I want more in lots of colours people.
*Sea Goddess is not getting any attention on my ashford traditional wheel.

Health Check: My health has been a rollercoaster these last few weeks and I wasn't able to talk about it last week with Keira, I try my best to protect my girls as much as possible from my poor health. My medications are causing very severe side effects which can be as bad as my illnesses some days so I'm weaning off them all gradually, I have collapsed a couple of times, had severe pains for hours on end, my intestine decided to start playing nasty games again and I've lost a bit of weight again because of it. Tip of the iceberg people. I'll leave it at that!

Etsy: update Tuesday 4th March 12noon GMT www.etsy.com/shop/ellysknitinsanity

Nail: Essie, warm & toasty turtleneck