Thursday, 19 July 2012

19/07/12 Previous Endevours....

Evening all,

So my girls modelled some of the items i've knitted for them in the past,
I've decided to include them because I honestly know that although i can mechanically perform the stitches, I wasn't really that good hey!!!
So to begin, when Kimberly was born I borrowed a book from my sister (she later told me to keep it) to make something for my newborn. I didn't have a clue that using a different yarn and needle size meant getting a completely different gauge to what the diagram said it should measure. It should have been a 3-ply on 2.75mm and 3mm needles and i used a heavy aran or chunky on 6mm needles.........
No one in my family corrected me as ( I think) i was having a great time emotionally. So the hat ended up being the size of a tea cosy and the scarf to match, well she still wears them now.
The Hat

The Scarf

Then i made a few othe items too, but when Keira was about 2.5 i made her this blue jumper because she fell in love with the fluffyness (she's REALLY into pink!) Ironically it's stretched as she's grown, Canny!!! I'm currently making the lilac one in yesterdays post for Niamh, cause she's 3.

This is Niamh,
She's modelling a single ball scarf i made just before i got really ill at Christmas, She LOVES it.

Kim begged!!!
She wanted some knitted shorts she'd seen in one of my knitting magazines, fine i thought, until i let her choose the yarn colour!!! It is actually almost flourescent orange, pitty my eyes, it was summer and too lovely to knit in the shade.

A smock Kim asked for,
She chose the yarn online, and it turned out to be the exact same colour lot from the exact same brand that the patter called for, spooky! I bought it anyway, better chance it would be accurate.

I am 99% proud of this as a knitting achievement, It took weeks and weeks knitting all the various leaves etc and doing my first ever box pleat on the back. I Love it, Keira loves it and knows that even as an adult it will turn into a cardi she can wear as it's a 36" bust, Childs Kimono = Adult Cardi, who knew :-) 1% downfall? It's also 100% Acrylic.

First attempt at a V-neck and at Argyle, not so great but she loves it because i made it, ahhh.

So a few more items from the past, more to come another day, but for the rest of this evening i'll be back onto the cotton party dress that still needs 63 rows and finishing etc by sunday lunchtime.
Night Folks, take care of each other, Elspeth xxx