Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Potential Podcast??????

Hi Everyone, Well I have been very busy knitting for the Stashdash2013 that Leslie and Laura from The Knit Girllls podcast are doing. I am having an absolute blast on that.
Anyway, I have a little podcast test so let me know your opinion as to whether I should do a full version. Obviously not done anything like this before so be easy on me. I will get the lighting and angles better in time I promise. But I'd like to be more vocal about my knitting and spinning. Plus when I do sewing too I'd like to be able to talk about it in a more head on way. Also I feel you will get to know me better via podcasts as well as chatting on various Ravely forums. Ravelry is brilliant.

Love from England,
Elly ( Elspeth81 on Ravelry & Plurk. Elspeth Campbell on Facebook, ElspethC81 on Twitter)