Thursday, 26 December 2013

Whats happening???

So it's Boxing Day. I have a strange thing happening and no idea why. I AM KNITTING MONOGAMOUSLY¡!!!!!!!!!!!!
How this happened I have no idea, why? I think because it is so enjoyable to knit on this project that I have no desire to change it up as I normally do after a couple of hours. I am completely satisfied just letting my fingers do the knitting while I while away the hours watching re runs or listening to podcasts or being with the girls. This is a new feeling to be sure. One which I'm sure will last until this secret test knit is completed. Seeing as Niamh is happy to wait for her socks and my Kal kit hasn't arrived.
Is this normal???? I usually hate only working on one project as you all know by now. Time will tell hey.
I hope you all had a wonderfully good time yesterday and that you have starting thinking about what you'll be giving to charity over the coming weeks. I know we have a few boxes and bags ready. So I'll leave you all to your happy family and friends. Take care of yourselves.