Sunday, 3 February 2013

Part 2 of 3 Absence makes my heart grow fonder

So part two of my catch up.
I decided this year to start sewing my own clothes again. I haven't really done more than alter things for myself in a couple of years and I've missed it. I've made items for my children but not me. For example, I made Niamh a skirt for her birthday last week and she loves it to pieces. She'll model it when she isn't so swollen with flu.
As well as lots of yummy yarn, I have been buying some beautiful fabrics, as well as some purely just for fun because they took my fancy. So I'll just post some photos then explain what each is for.

Ok so top down, squirrel fabric is for a long sleeved mid shin length dress, I've always wanted people to double take a look at what they think the print is and it'll make me giggle every time someone does.
 The Japanese garden fabric is going to be a kimono shaped long top, about thigh length, I saw it and thought it was too beautiful not to wear.
The yellow mouse fabric is now a very happy socks in progress bag.
The knitting sheep made me giggle and it will be made into a shawl project bag with a silver ribbon.
The peacock fabric is (on me) a knee length skirt in the making. All the pieces have been cut, I now just need to get all the flu riddled people better so I can use my sewing machine without giving us all a headache.
The green festive fabric is for Christmas 2013 knitting projects. Basically I've decided that if the yarn for all collectively knitted gifts doesn't for into this bag, it isn't getting knitted. So pair of mitts or sock fine, maybe a wrap, also fine, jumper...not a chance of a flying monkey. Self preservation of sanity.
The beautiful and best until last gold leaf kimono fabric will be being transformed into a dress. I want to be able to wear it year round so I'm having to go with it being as long as it can be, but without traditional sleeves. In the summer it would be too warm with sleeves, and in the winter the sleeves wouldn't really be of help with layering as its cotton. So some form of straps that will allow me to layer both under and over the dress.
I also have more projects I'm doing, but they are upcycling. I'll present those as a before and after series when they're all finished in a few weeks. Don't rush creativity people or it becomes a chore to get done rather than a pleasure to sew.
Anyway folks, my projects are calling to me so I'll update the last part in a few days.
Take care of yourselves and be creative.
Imagine what a crew of fireman made entirely of cats would do to figure out who had to hold the wet hose!!!!!!! Ha Ha Bye