Thursday, 31 January 2013

Absent but with reason

So since my last post a lot has been happening. Both health and creatively. My being on the fodmap elimination diet feels like my gi system did a massive reboot. Absolutely brilliant except I'm getting quite bored of raspberries now. However gluten free brown bread is delicious and never gets boring for me. I've managed to gain more weight and my appetite has trebled at least. All good hey. Unfortunately my stomach is bloated by 11 inches over my normal healthy measurement so pj bottoms are now essential. I'm sure when everything has healed I will get a waist back. If not, who cares as long as I continue getting healthy right? There are more important things to worry about than going from a very athletic build to an apple shape.
I've been enrolling on lots of Craftsy courses and I really am enjoying it. Take a look for yourself.
I've now got a knitmeter which tells me how much knitting I do. Slightly scared by the honest amount this year so far. Almost 2000m of yarn just for january. Talk about stash busting or what! I set myself a rule that I had to finish a project before buying more yarn. Well I've been yarn shopping. Lots of Yummy yarn. Not huge amounts but enough to feel like I deserve the treat.

 My yarn that Sharon from arrived and its beautiful. Greens and purples on a stellina base 4ply. Happiness indeed. Yes it has a project lined up. I'll be knitting the Bayside pullover by Alana Dakos.
I knit a newborn baby sock and it is soooo cute!
The other will follow very soon. Second sock syndrome isn't remotely possibly when its so tiny.
I'll post images of all the fabric I've bought in a few days. One creative stash at a time hey!
So Keiras sparkly waterfall cardigan got turned into a snood. She loves it.
I finished a few more projects too.


Yeah, I dyed my hair bright pink!!!! Loving it. The chunky cowl was my present from my husband. It is a long cowl wrapped around twice, knitted in Malabrigo. Yey for softness.
The lilac bear is modelling a newborn cardigan I knitted for our friends. They had a baby boy and I couldn't resist the frog buttons.
Catch up part one done, more over the weekend my lovely people. Keep safe and do something to make yourself smile today. even if it's jumping in a puddle like a little kid when no one is looking.
Elspeth xx