Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Wednesday 2nd January 2013

Podcasts I'm listening to are: Books on the Nighstand, 2 Knit Lit Chicks, Cast on, Commuter Knitter Podcast, Electric Sheep, Knit Picks Podcast, The Knit wits, Knitmoregirl's podcast, Knitting Brooklyn, Knitting Rose Podcast, Robinznest, Subway Knits, TheKnitGirllls, The Yarniacs. I also listened to another one recently but haven't decided yet if it's a keeper yet. The rest above are all available on iTunes for free and are a lot of fun to listen to, but I did discover that I cannot work on anything with cables in while listening to 2 Knit Lit Chicks because I laugh too much and forget which way I'm cabling ha ha.

Audio books for me are brilliant. I love reading on my Kindle while I knit simple repeats etc but I find listening to books is great for when I'm needing to watch every row on lace etc. Right now I'm listening to 'The Wolf Gift' by Anne Rice. I have all her books, some as duplicates in paperback and hardcover, some collectible 1st editions. So I feel justified listening to her work too. I do have another nine or ten audiobooks to listen to at some point too. I'm letting them stock up so I can just choose one at random and my monthly subscription downloads from my wish list on Audible.

Right this minute wips include: Panache (pictured below) Vintage, which is a blanket I'm making for my friends who are expecting a son at the beginning of April. I've made a few hats already. Baby boy cardigan in blue worsted / aran weight yarn for some other friends whose son is due on 1st February. This afternoon I plan on casting on Hearty. It's a big mega chunky sweaty by Martin Storey. I'll be using this yarn plus some leftover green for the heart.

The Christmas gifts I received this year were amazing. My husband gave me not just the Addi Art Swarovski needles, he also gave me the new iPod Nano in purple with 'One stitch at a time...' engraved on the back. So chuffed!!! My oldest daughter Kimberly bought me 4mm Signature circular needles, my middle daughter Keira bought me a collection of comical miniature sheep on a display, hilarious. My youngest daughter Niamh bought me a Signature cable needle and a skein of Flamboyance Meteor Yarn, Sparkly purple! which of course was wound straight away and I cast on Panache. A shawl pattern Niamh chose on Ravelry. I was spoilt and it felt amazing.

Hangers on from Christmas are pretty much going to keep until next winter I feel. I gave other gifts in leau don't worry I'm not mean. It just became a chore and not so much fun. My girls loved their gifts though.

I've also signed up for a few Craftsy courses for this year too.

12 in 2013 Projects is a group I joined on Ravelry. You make a list of 12 projects you want to create this year and work your way through in any order you like and chat about it with your fellow Ravelers. It's a very supportive bunch and I'm really excited to be a part of it. My list didn't stop at 12 though, it's actually 23 projects. I couldn't choose between them. I have all the yarn in my stash ( which makes qualification) for all the projects so I can just pick and choose. My hubby Dave helped me piut each projects' yarn, pattern etc into bags, then into clear tubs. That way I can see what I'll be creating without having to constantly rummage.
I'll post photos as I knit along. So much fun.

Plus this year is my year. As a family we agreed that I will be designing and creating a range of knitted pieces and working on my books for children, to that end, we upgraded the techy stuff in our home so I can just work my noodle off :-) ( I love smileys)
I've done a little charity knitting too this year,

Health update, well now, um big pile of negatives for GI really, new though is that I have a partially deflated left lung again due to my tear re-tearing when we were sorting through things on boxing day. OWCH!!!

Anyway, I have one wish for you all this year, be happy with yourself and remove negativity as much as possible. Yes we all have bills to pay etc but I mean for example, I had pink hair for a few years because the colour helped with my depression, so in a weeks time it'll be pink and pale blue for fun and to be happier. Have a think of something simple, very cheap or free and safe and have fun.
Take care Elspeth x
P.s I finished my socks