Thursday, 22 November 2012


Over in the United States people arr celebrating thanksgiving today and talking about what their grateful for.
I have friends that are Americans and I'm truly thankful for their friendship and how much support I receive via the web. However, today I inherited my mums prayer/healing shawl that her friend made during her battle with cancer. She's been up in heaven since 21st Feb 2011. Its lovely but upsetting at the same time you know.
I have been busy knitting a lot since my last post. Today though I completed an owl hat for some friends by request as they've discovered they're having a baby boy on 3rd April.
So I'm posting today from my android phone because my computer died.
Sorry if there are no photos. Ok so health update. I'm now on a reintroducing of foods plan for 12 weeks. No Christmas dinner this year for me. But my dad and his wife and a good friend are visiting Christmas day. Which will be lovely for all of us.
Today we have a storm that won't ease. Nothing as bad as Sandy, but furniture is being thrown about the garden and it's nearly impossible to move around outside.
We've nearly finished our Christmas shopping as I hate being rushed closer to the big day. Come Christmas day I'll be sat knitting myself a Christmas hat.
Other stuff. Please could folks knit a 12" square for hurricane sandy victims. They're bring made into blankets and given to the people who need them directly.
If you feel able to participate please send squares to: squares for comfort, p o box 909, Melville. Ny 11747. US. If you're on ravelry then knitting Brooklyn had a thread with more details. Just keep sending them in. So grateful.
Pictures I hope.