Friday, 7 February 2014

Episode 30: 3, 2, 1, Cast on

Hi everyone, this weeks episode was recorded on Friday 7th February 2014

Fo's:  Cardigan with Pockets by Fiona Ellis using Noro Sarubia
two more Vivid Squares
Vivid blanket 30 squares to go
Joeys Jumper
Sea Goddess Batt from
Cross Stitch:
Rarity for Niamh
What's Next:
Wimberley for Ravellenics 2015
Magic cake Ruffle Shawl
Purchases & Deliveries:
Modern Knits Vintage Style book
 Health Check:
Up and down this week, quite a lot of fibro fog. a lot of pain and constant nausea, plus kidney pains.
Nails: Essie ~ play date

Etsy: Clubs commence sign ups on Friday 14th February