Sunday, 2 December 2012

Gently Drizzling...

Sunday 2nd December 2012

I've been a very busy knitter these last few weeks. I finished and shipped my Holiday Swap package. Great fun KAL, you knit gifts and include a few goodies for a swap buddy and make friends in the process. I made mug hugs and a large coaster / pot holder for a family and included typically British biscuits and tea etc.
I knit a few Christmas cards for people, I've also made another Christmasy toy. A snowman.
My Christmas knitted gift list is shrinking gradually. I finished another two hats, restarted Kimberly's jumper because I would have run out of yarn. So she's having a shorter jumper with wave border around the bottom. Still using the Noro yarn though. She's worth it and look after her clothes so i know both her sisters in turn will get to wear it in the future too. I only have 7 of the 23 gift knits left. So today I'm working on my nieces mittens. They're the Urban Necessity pair on Ravelry. I'm halfway though the Debbie Bliss ones I'm making for my other niece.

I also decided I didn't like the bolero I was knitting for Keira, So I'm making her a lacey waterfall cardigan instead. I feel much happier with both of those projects now, I just hope I'll get them finished in time for Christmas.
I've been working on an old pair of spiral tube socks on and off too. Mostly off though ha ha.
I'm knitting a test shawl at the moment. The cast on stitch count is a lot...... crazy stitch count but it'll be beautiful, I'm using bluebell coloured yarn and blue iridescent beads. Stunning. When i'm allowed to post the shawl I will I promise.
The Leftie shawl I was making for a friend for her present is very slow going because I'm daft enough to have decided it would be fun to knit the whole thing in lace weight and add beads to the tabs. Not a mistake I plan on again, it is beautiful though. Scarlet Cashmere with wine red merino. Lovely.
I was working on a second shawl for the 2 Knit Lit Chicks KAL. However, it was starting to become less fun and more of a ticking bomb. I've just rolled it up on the needles, put it into the project bag and zipped it closed. After all my gift knitting it will be fun to finish.
I bought several new knitting books from Amazon this week. All ones I've been waiting for. I've done the whole going through and marking down what I want to knit. About 3 years worth of knitting then ha ha. Never mind. Although, one of the books was 'Knitting In Circles' by Nicky Epstein. I'm in love with this book. My plan is to knit my way through the circles and join them up to make blankets, pillows, garments etc. I love the variety in the book.
I've joined another group on Ravely, It's 12 in 2013. Basically you chose 12 patterns to knit next year, they can be whatever you like, and you knit them. Then post a photo of the finished piece on the thread. I have so many projects I keep putting off because something else jumps in front. So I have 15 on my list. I know too many, however, I feel I'll be more likely to succeed if I allow myself an option as I work from 1 to 12.
I'm feeling very lucky and spoilt today though. My husband bought and gave me an early Christmas gift. Behold, the Addi Art needles. They are filled with Swarovski crystals. Can actually be knitted with and have been a wish of mine since I first read about them a few months ago on an Australian Web Site.
They're beautiful.
Apparently they're doing a collection of different sizes so I'd better start saving hey!!!
Lastly I'll leave you to knit in a festive mood by showing you how I painted my nails to keep my Christmas cheer up.
Take care everyone, Elspeth x