Thursday, 18 October 2012

Good & Bad 18/10/12

Hi folks,
It has definitely been a time of knitting hats..
Ok so a lot has been happening and yet at the same time nothing has changed. I've got a lot of knitting done and have cast on a few more Christmas projects too. My Ravelry project age makes me look like I have a really bad case of startitus. I promise if it's in progress I am actually knitting it in rotation with everything else.
I've finished another chemo cap,

 this time I aimed at toddler or young child. It's made with organic cotton just in case and I put ballerinas on it. I'll post the pattern on here over the weekend.

I also finished Daves latest hat.

Very warm, I used Katia Azteca in the blue brown colourway. I can't remember it having a colour name. He loves it anyway, so that's four since may. I already have his next one planned using Stylecraft chunky in gray so he can wear it to the garden and it can just get thrown in the wash with whatever else he's gotten muddy or dirty.

I finished my middle daughter Keiras silk merino lacey hat.

 The yarn is just beautiful. There's so much left I can make myself something small with it too. I adjusted the pattern because she has a small head and I wanted her to enjoy wearing it without thinking it was going to slip off. I doubled up on the decreases and cut out a few of the plain rows. Ironically my youngest daughter Niamh is modelling it and she has a larger head than Keira. She promised not to tell Keira though and after a week she hasn't said a peep.

My two knit lit chicks shawl kal 50 Shades of Teal, is now just over halfway. I'm a few rows into the tulip section and I'm really enjoying how it looks, however it isn't going to be as big as I thought. Still beautiful though.
I currently have another three shawls on the needles too. There is Chinook, which I'm making in a silvery viscose cotton blend, very pretty. Look a bit like ladies chainmail in a good way. Sweet Dreams which I'm making using  some Old Piggery yarn, cashmere merino blend in a semi solid or slightly varieagated green mix. & Leftie, which is actually a Christmas present for my friend. I'm using scarlet 3 ply 100% cashmere with 2 ply lace weight 100% merino and I've been adding beads onto the leaves to make it extra special. I'll post pictures when they're complete.

Excited because i managed to purchase a Jade Starmore book. A Collector's Item. I fell in love with some of the designs on Ravelry that other people have made from the book so I took the plunge. I managed to track down a copy and after paying a rather largish sum for it, it is on it's way to me. The second book I'm mega excited about getting it Inspired Fair Isle by Fiona Ellis. She just has such a talent that I struggle not to cast on the majority. Obviously I don't need a yoga mat cover because although I have a yoga mat, I got it purely for stretching when i was pregnant and haven't used it since. I currently have thre of her designs on the needle though. I plan on doing more on that another time though.
I have many many projects on the go, far too many for today, I'll just fill you in as I complete stuff, how about that? Or would you like progress photos?

The bad news is my health has deteriorated again, I'm basically on a diet of tea and crumpets. I only managed three crumpets today and five half teas. I get my energy powder from my gp in the morning to add the calories. I just have to keep going. It's so hard though. I'm either starving or so sick I can't even sip water. There's no in between. My medication is not really working anymor eand the side effects are starting to build up. My Oedema in my legs and feet is getting worse and I had an ulcer which needed anti-biotics. The mass in my abdomen is now making me look about 15 weeks pregnant, mostly on the right side, but it's putting a lot of pressure on all my organs. I have my neck through pelvis CT being done on 31st October. We're expecting bad news but trying not to think about it too much. Especially with three young children. So next full blog I should have news. Wish me luck.
Two bits of good news to end on. First, most of my chillblaines on my fingers have gone so flexibilty in my fingers is improving again. Secondly, Keira was able to go and watch Swan Lake at the weekend. Birmingham Royal Ballet. She is now more determined that ever to go pro at ballet. Go Keira xxxx
Bye for now  Elspeth x